All our ponies are hand-lead making the ride more enjoyable for the rider and the pony. Safety is priority! Sanitized helmets, release of liability & a designated area are required when riding. We carry proof of insurance with us at all times, but if an additional copy is  or certificate is needed please let us know in advanced. Please let us know the theme of the party and we will try our best to match it.


We can dress our ponies to be unicorns!

♡#unicorn love♡
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We provide helmets for riding- safety first! Insurance does not cover us without a child wearing one!

We need a designated area of at least 30x30 ft. for the ponies to have room to walk around safely

Rider must be 3+ years old to ride. Younger kids can sit on the pony for pictures, but if they are not old enough to ride a bike, its going to be hard for them to balance on a pony.

Weigh no more than 65lb

Only one person at a time can ride. No double seating, it is not safe!

Waiver must be signed by parent or legal guardian