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Pony & Unicorn Rides 

All ponies are well groomed to exceed your expectations. Ponies are hand-led by a professional handler and not hooked onto a sweep or pony carousel. It is important that the ponies work area is safe and away from loud music, jumpers and any activities that might spook them. Our ponies are very well trained but we do not take any risk. 

Applesauce is a grey (white) mini pony best suited for riders under 50lb. Applesauce is on the lazy side and would rather just stand around at party's or photoshoots. She is the most  docile pony we have and is great for little kids to enjoy brushing and petting.

♡#unicorn love♡

Ollie is a large pony (13hh), pinto colored, suited for brave small children or long-legged children needed a pony almost horse size. Ollie has a good natured, calm personality

Romeo is a golden champagne colored Shetland pony (10hh) Romeo is go-go-go personality and would rather work then stand still. He is docile and loves giving rides. Romeo has many costumes such as Applejack, a dragon and golden unicorn. 


Sweetpea aka Cruella (due to her unique appaloosa spots on her backside) is a medium size pony (12hh). She is a great worker with a sweet demeanor but will be easily distracted by food!



Fiona is a standard donkey and very experienced in a petting zoo & pony ride setting. She has been doing animal entertainment for a long time and is a pro! She is unlike any donkey we've ever met and has much to offer. Fiona is a riding donkey and also does well at nativities. There isn't enough good things we can say about her!


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