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Our Mission

Southern California breeder of Valais Blacknose and Babydoll Southdown Sheep. We breed quality, well socialized sheep that make outstanding breeders and pets. We spend a lot of time taking our sheep out into the public, halter breaking / leash training our sheep to make them easy to handle and maintain.

Valais Blacknose
(Known as the cutest sheep in the world)

Sarah's Sheep started the Valais Blacknose breed-up program in 2020. We used imported 100% Valais Blacknose semen to LAI (Laparoscopic artificial insemination) our ewes to produce First generationF1 (50% Valais), second-generation is an F2 (75% Valais). We hope in the fall of 2022, to accomplish third generation  F3 (88% Valais),  the following year fourth-generation F4 (94% Valais), and then lastly, the fifth generation is an F5 (97% Valais). Valais Blacknose are known for their gentle and kind demeanor making them exceptional pets. These gentle giant sheep can weigh over 200lb.


F1 Valais Blacknose 

F2 Valais Blacknose 


Babydoll Southdown Sheep
(Smiling Sheep)

Babydoll Sheep are small and compact making them some of the hardy and easiest sheep to handle. Babydoll Sheep are the best for children and first time sheep owners due to their size and docile personality. Our sheep are white, cream or black and  range from 18-24” tall & 70-120lb. 

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