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The Rah-Rah Ranch Mobile Petting Zoo offers a professional hands-on experience with a variety of friendly farm animals for people of all ages. We have a variety of Nigerian goats, Valais Blacknose and Babydoll Southdown sheep, ponies, alpacas, Tibetan yaks, mini and standard donkeys, mini zebu cattle and fancy rabbits available for hire. From backyard birthday parties, schools, church gatherings, weddings, photoshoots to film, we can accommodate any size event to fit your needs. We go above and beyond to make sure our animals are presented as "show quality" for every event.

Backyard & Small Event options:

-Bunny Garden (area of 6x6 ft is needed): Assortment of 6 fancy rabbits primarily English Angoras of different colors. Pen is decorated with floral, and children are able to place rabbits on pillows for petting.

-Mini Zoo (area of 8x8 ft is needed):

 Small goats, assortment of bunnies, guinea pig and fancy chicken. These animals are smaller and less intimidating for younger children. This zoo also is best choice for small and compact areas. 


-Petting Zoo A. (area of 10x10 ft is needed):

 1 Alpaca, 2 dwarf goats, 3 bunnies, guinea pig and fancy chicken. 

-Petting Zoo B (area of 16x16 or 10x20 ft is needed):

 1 Mini Zebu (cow), 1 Alpaca, 1 sheep or lamb, 2-3 dwarf goats, 2-3 fancy rabbits and a chicken. This zoo is perfect to get the entire barnyard experience.


larger event option:

-Petting Zoo D (area of 30x30 + ft is needed)

Thirty+ animals included: Tibetan yak(s), Mini Zebu cow(s), goats, sheep, mini donkey or standard donkey, alpacas, pen of rabbits, chickens. 

We do offer pony rides and other animals as add-ons to zoo packages for a special price:

-Mini Donkey for petting

-Pony for petting

-Pony for riding 

-Donkey for riding

-Tibetan yak for petting

*Riding animals have a 60lb max weight limit.

 Most insurance companies will NOT cover weight over 60lbs. 

You can request more information by giving us a call/text 909-367-1365 or submitting through our contact form below. Don't see what you are looking for? Please let us know!

Things to know prior to booking:

#1 Parking: Depending on zoo size, either truck and or truck and trailer parking is required as close as possible to setup area. Not only does this accommodation help our staff set up efficiently, but it is also for the safety of our crew and animals in case of an emergency. We will NOT drive in low clearance areas and will not back into small spaces and risk damaging our vehicles. We must have access to our vehicles at all times and absolutely cannot be blocked in anytime of the event. Please note: if this requirement is not met, we have the right to refuse service. 

Truck and trailer parking (45ft needed)

Truck and trailer clearance (7ft wide, 7'2ft tall)

#2 Set-up area: The area required must be level! We prefer to set-up on grass or cement which is aesthetically more pleasing but are able to set-up on dirt if needed. Please keep in mind that the animals will get dirty and so will your guest! Set-up area must be clear of dog, or other animal feces. Please make sure set-up area is safe from any hazards or poisonous plants. Unsure if your area will work? Please feel free to chat and send text or email a picture 909-367-1365,

#3 No dogs or pets allowed! Please make sure that all dogs and pets are put away during the event. Livestock are naturally afraid of canines and tend to view them as predators and can spook when intimidated.

#4 Animal feeding: We do not bring feed for the animals and like to keep a strict routine daily diet. Zoo animals tend to get anxious and competitive around feeding time. This can cause animals to run, jump on people, head-butt each other and accidently bite someone. We prefer a quiet zoo with relaxed animals for everyone to enjoy. 

#5 Safety: We take safety very seriously and will not tolerate any types of abuse to our animals, workers or equipment. This includes hitting, kicking, intimidating animals, climbing on fencing, or destroying property of Rah-Rah Ranch, LLC.

#6 Permits: It is the responsibility of the host and or planner to make sure all permits are in place prior to event date. 

#7 Insurance: We have guidelines with our insurance company that we must follow to ensure the safety of our customers and our animals. If a certificate is needed for your event, please let us know in advance as it can take up to 3 days to process.

Why Rah-Rah Ranch, LLC?

-We are a USDA licensed & APHIS inspected facility.

The Rah-Rah Ranch is a licensed facility that undergoes a routine visits by the USDA to ensure we meet and exceed all of the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.   *Individuals or businesses with warm-blooded animals that are on display, perform for the public, or are used in educational presentations must be licensed as exhibitors with APHIS

-Presentation is our profession.

It is very important to us that animals are being exhibited properly and professionally. We take additional time to make sure that our animals are clean and "show" ready, and that all of our equipment is neat and sanitary. 

-We offer unique and exotic livestock. 

 Our USDA license allows us to legally bring our exotic hoofed stock to public, which most others cannot offer. Our animals are properly socialized which is very important behavior to have while doing events. Not all animals are meant to do events.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Please fill out the form below and be as detailed as possible so we can send over some options asap or call/ text 909-367-1365 or email

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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