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The Rah-Rah Ranch Mobile Petting Zoo offers a professional hands on experience with a variety of friendly farm animals for people of all ages. We have a variety of goats, sheep, mini ponies, alpacas, Tibetan Yak, donkey, mini cow and fancy rabbits available for hire. From backyard birthday parties, schools, church gatherings, weddings, photoshoots to film, we can accommodate any size event to fit your needs. We go above and beyond to make sure our animals are presented as "show quality" for every event.

-Mini Zoo (8x8): Baby goats, assortment of bunnies and fancy chicken. 


-Petting Zoo (16x16): Mini cow, sheep, dwarf goats, separate pen of rabbits and a chicken. Our enclosure includes heavy duty green panels and an entrance and exit gate.

-Large Zoo includes (10x20): Alpaca, mini cow, assortment of sheep, dwarf goats, separate pen of fancy rabbit and a chicken. Our enclosure includes green heavy duty panels, an entrance and exit gate.

Add a pony for riding to any zoo option for a special package price.

You can request more information by giving us a call/text 909-367-1365 or submitting through our contact form below. Don't see what you are looking for? Please let us know!

USDA Licensed & APHIS Inspected Facility 


The Rah-Rah Ranch is a licensed facility that undergoes a strict routine visits by the USDA to ensure we meet and exceed all of the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.  

Individuals or businesses with warm-blooded animals that are on display, perform for the public, or are used in educational presentations must be licensed as exhibitors with APHIS


Properly Insured

Safety is very important to us as is being properly insured. We have guidelines with our insurance company that we must follow to ensure the safety of our customers and our animals. If a certificate is needed for your event please let us know in advance as it can take up to 3 days to process.


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