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                                                      (Please read before inquiring) 


Parking Requirements:

For the safety of our animals and workers we require parking as close to the setup area as possible. Petting Zoo and Pony Rides truck and trailer parking of 45-50ft (4-5 car lengths) is required. Our rigs do not fit in most driveways and we do not back-in or park illegally. Parking on the street in front of the house or setup area is a must. Once we are parked we cannot move and will not leave the animals unattended. Bunny Garden's and Mini Zoo's do not require trailer parking, but will need a designated area for suv or pickup trucks. It is important for the safety of our animals that our trucks and trailers remain accessible at all times of the event. 


Setup Area requirements:

We arrive early for setup. Our equipment is heavy and for the safety of our employees and animals please make sure there are no obstacles to the setup area. Delayed setup time caused by no reserved parking or obstacles will run into contracted event start time. We can set up on grass, dirt or cement away from loud noises, jumpers, other animals and toxic plants. We do not set up on gravel, rocks or places deemed unsafe for the animals. Setup area must be level, no steep inclines or stairways!


Space needed:

Mini Zoo/ Bunny Garden : 8x8 shaded area

Petting Zoo: 16x16 area 

Large Zoo: 15x25 area 

Ponies: 20x20+ area is most practical


Please send us a text or email (pictures are encouraged) if you are unsure if the setup area meets our requirements. 


Animal Handling Rules 

• Please do not pick up animals without assistance. 

• Do not put fingers in or near animals mouths. 

• No food or drinks allowed near animals. 

• Please always wear shoes. 

• Please be kind! No running, screaming, hitting animals. Any forms of animal abuse will not be tolerated. Rah-Rah Ranch reserves the right to cancel an event or leave if animals are being mistreated or in danger.  

• Wash hands after visiting the animals 


Rah-Rah Ranch, LLC. 

909-367-1365 call/text

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